You’re doing it wrong…

I have been putting off grocery shopping for too long. With that being said, I went to Aldi tonight to get coffee creamer, fruit cups for Sydney’s lunch, and on a mission to find something quick to make for supper. I successfully purchased the coffee creamer, the fruit cups, and found a 16″ take and bake pizza, along with many items I did not have on my mental list. I paid for my items, bagged my items, and put the items in my car.

By now you all are thinking this is about grocery shopping and how my way is right and what you are doing is wrong. Well, you are wrong…about this post. I was stereotyped tonight, or at least I feel that way.

When I was taking the cart back so I could get my quarter back, I was handed a piece of paper. The front of this paper said something about life changes and had many “options” to check off on the front. I thought it was something stupid about life insurance, but when I turned it over, I found out it was a tract to aid in attracting people to God. I quickly walked over to the woman and her husband and handed the tract back. I explained to her I am already a believer and I want her to hand it to someone else who might not know Jesus and God. She replied with, “Praise God” and “Amen.” I thanked her for her concern and was on my way.

Now, this is where the title comes from. She’s doing it wrong. She saw me, a 20-something female, shopping at the grocery store, wearing sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt. I am guessing she assumed I did not know God, that I did not know He sent Jesus to earth to die on the cross and raise from the dead 3 days later, then ascend into heaven all to save me from my own sin.

Those tracts are not produced to do the job of sharing the Good News for us. They are produced to help us start a conversation. They are there to help us start THE conversation. This woman, though she seemed kind enough and probably did want me to come to know Jesus, she should have first asked me about me and if I knew Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Instead, it seems like she simply has a goal of handing out so many tracts and doing her churchly duty.

Next time you go to hand out a tract to someone, talk to the person. Find out that person’s story. Ask if he knows Jesus Christ, what He’s done, and if he believes Him to be his Lord and Savior. It’s really not that hard. If you are bold enough to hand out the tract, you should be able to ask about the person, his life, and his salvation.